Homemade Soups

*There are 6 fresh soups offered daily*
  Bowl	       Pint        Quart	     
Daily Special               $3.00        $4.50	      $8.50

Seafood Special         $4.50        $5.50       $9.50

Today’s Soups            $3.50        $4.50       $8.50

Some of our Homemade Soups 

Mema’s Chicken Corn Noodle
Italian Wedding Soup
Tomato Basil and Crab Bisque
Buffalo Chicken Soup
Mrs. B’s Potato Sausage and Leek
Roasted Red Pepper and Crab Bisque
Flossie’s Famous Turkey Chili
Fisherman’s Garden Chowder
Loaded Baked Potato 
Roasted Asparagus and Crab Bisque
White Chicken Chili
Broccoli and Cheddar
Sausage and Lentil
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Tomato Basil and Crab Soup
Ham and Bean
Stuffed Pepper Soup
Shrimp and Black Bean Chili
Tomato and Tortellini, and Spinach
Harvest Chili
Shepherd's Pie Soup
Spilt Pea w/ Ham
Shrimp, Mushroom, & Rice
Roasted Pumpkin Bisque
...and MANY more!!

*We are constantly creating new soup & updating our menu, if you don’t see your favorite just ask!*
Fresh Salads

*Our salads are made to order & can be modified*

                                                        Side         	Full
Chopped Salad	              $4.00              $7.00
Crispy iceberg lettuce with chopped tomatoes, celery, carrots, cucumbers,  & peppers topped with croutons & tossed with a dressing.

                                                       Side         	Full Caesar Salad	                        $4.00              $7.00
Leafy romaine lettuce, crunchy croutons, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, all tossed together in a creamy Caesar dressing. 

                                                       Side         	Full Asian Salad                             $4.00                $7.00
Colorful ribbons of Napa and purple cabbage, mixed with a crunchy blend of roasted Asian noodles, slivered almonds, and sesame seeds all tossed with a delicious sweet Asian dressing. 

                                                       Side         	Full Add a protein                           $1.00                $2.00
Grilled chicken, bacon, a scoop of chicken salad, or a scoop of tuna salad to any of the salads above.


Homemade Walnut Vinaigrette, Italian, Homemade Honey Mustard, Homemade Champagne Vinaigrette, Caesar, Creamy Ranch
    Side	      Pint        Quart
Chicken Salad                  $4.50      $8.50     $15.00
Savory chicken, crunchy celery, plump grapes, and chopped walnuts all tossed lightly in mayonnaise.

   Side	      Pint        Quart
Tuna Salad                        $4.50      $8.50     $15.00
Fresh Tuna fish, finely chopped celery, and hard boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise and spiced up with dill relish.

*Available with Plain, Whole wheat, Sun dried tomato, or Spinach wraps*

Chicken Salad				               $6.50
Tuna Salad				               $6.50
Chicken Caesar			                         $6.00
Turkey & Cheese			               $6.00
Ham & Cheese			                         $6.00
BLT					                         $6.00
Turkey Club				               $6.25
Ham Club				                         $6.25
Chicken Bacon Ranch		               $6.25

Make it a wrap                                   Add  $1.00                
Enfold any of our tasty salads in one of our flavored or plain wraps.

Baked Oatmeal			               $3.00
Cinnamon Apple, Mixed Berry, or Peach Topping

Quiche                      Slice          Half         Whole
                                    $4.00       $11.00	  $20.00

Quiche Lorraine
A flakey pastry crust filled with creamy eggs, swiss cheese, bacon, and chopped onions.

Quiche Special
Changes weekly
*All food is made to order.  Advance orders 
are recommended*
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Lunch with a Friend (for 2):        $11.50
2 bowls of Soup and a Wrap to share.
(add $1.00 for seafood soup) 

Dinner to Go (for 4):                       $32.00
2 Quarts of Soup, 2 Wraps, & a family size Salad
Choice of caesar, chopped or asian salads.
(add a wrap for $4.50)
Working Lunch (for 6-8):             $32.00
Tray of wraps (12 halves) & a quart of Pasta Salad
(add bowls of soup $3.00 each ($4.00 for seafood)

Let’s do Brunch  (for 8-10):        $45.00
Whole Quiche, Tray of wraps (12 halves):
(add a quart of soup $8.00)
No Cooking Picnic:                          $40.00
Tray of wraps (12 halves), quart of Pasta Salad, & a family size Salad: choice of caesar, chopped or asian salads.
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